What you Need to Know About Cannabis &

Digital Ads

Paid ads on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., are not a good option as promoting cannabis related products and services goes against their ad policies.

Cannabis programmatic ads need to be skillfully created and rendered as it may impact your entire business.

Programmatic advertising is the automated transaction of buying and selling advertising online. It also leverages the power of big data, AI, and contextually unique data to bring your ad in front of the most relevant prospects.

Dedicated Guidance

  • Your account will have a dedicated
  • Customer Success Manager who provides exceptional service.
  • We’ll keep you updated on available channels that are cannabis friendly.
  • You’ll receive fast, thorough answers to keep you moving quickly.
  • Our world-class, comprehensive training and support programs will make your team digital rock stars.
  • Campaigns can be up and running in hours, not weeks.

  • Established Ad tech

  • We license a platform that’s ran over $1BN of digital ads for the cannabis industry.
  • We can support your booming business at all phases—start up, scaling, expansion, and maturity.
  • We are nimble and able to make software changes to meet the unique needs of the evolving cannabis vertical.

  • Premium Inventory

  • Access premium, cannabis-friendly inventory at scale.
  • We offer digital media solutions for cannabis advertisers through the open marketplace, private deals, and direct-to publisher placements.
  • Our Publisher team maintains active lists of cannabis-friendly sites and exchanges.
  • The Operations team vets data partners who offer cannabis targeting.

  • Campaign Targeting

  • We see over 5 billion supply-side requests each day for cannabis friendly inventory. This is a significant scale, but cannabis-friendly inventory is still a subset of total inventory. Because of this, we advise avoiding excessive targeting. Tactics should minimize the number of targeting layers and have generous frequency caps (if any).

  • Age Targeting

  • Requirements: There is likely a need to do age targeting on cannabis campaigns depending on local laws. Age requirements can vary by state, province, and product.
  • Self-regulatory guidance: Cannabis is an age-restricted product, so age targeting is required for digital advertising, but regulations are murky at best. To be proactive, many industries set self regulatory requirements. The Cannabis industry has not set self regulation standards yet, however the Cannabis industry tends to model itself after the alcohol industry.
  • Retargeting: For retargeting tactics, if the data collection occurs on an age-gated website, the retargeting audience may already be of adequate age. In that case, if all is executed properly, you may not need to apply additional age targeting; it could unnecessarily impair scale.

  • Brand Safety

  • Minimal (if any) brand safety targeting should be used for cannabis campaigns. Critically evaluate what sorts of content are/are not brand safe and only apply what is absolutely necessary.
  • We avoid applying “default” brand safety sets used for more traditional brands and products.
  • We do not exclude categories like "Drugs" or "Controversial Subjects" as content that is highly contextually relevant to the campaign is likely to be excluded.
  • We avoid use of "Safe from"/inclusion style brand safety segments